I 180 DC

I 180 DC

Suitable for industrial applications with clocked processes (e.g. packaging systems)

I 180 DC

The process lift I 180 DC is a linear guide column, open single sided with a motor-driven adjustable, runner profile running on roller bearings. Due to the extremely stable bearings, high torques of up to 1100 Nm can be absorbed and loads of up to 1000 N can be moved. With a duty cycle of max. 90% and travel speeds of up to 100mm/s, the system is particularly suitable for industrial applications with clocked processes such as in packaging systems or for height compensation in conveyor technology. The DC motor is operated via a Syncontrol type motor controller. The parameters of this controller can be adapted to the specific application. The process lift and its runner profile is driven by a trapezoidal thread spindle. Synchronous operation of two systems is also possible.


Technology and features

  • Push force up to 1000N
  • Speed up to 40 mm/s
  • Standard protection up to IP40
  • Duty cycle S3 50% based on 10 min.
  • Operating temperature +10C° ÷ +40C°

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